I am absolutely ecstatic about a new book deal that’s come my way, which finally, at long last, will facilitate the release of a book with which I’ve been utterly obsessed for years: “PINKERTON’S WAR: Assassins, Insurgents and the Birth of the Secret Service, A True Historical Thriller” – to be edited by Mr. Keith Wallman of Lyons Press, an Imprint of Globe Pequot, due out in 2011 on the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War.

The story follows the tough, nerves-of-steel Scottish immigrant, Allan Pinkerton, through the central events of his career.  The book starts in 1847 in Chicago, where Pinkerton establishes himself as one of America’s first undercover cops. A master of disguise, a brilliant investigator, he soon creates his own private detective agency… which leads him to a terrifying, historic, epochal case: The first – and largely unknown – plot to assassinate the new president elect, Abraham Lincoln, on his inaugural journey to Washington. Pinkerton saves the president’s life and is ultimately caught up in the tides of war, becoming one of the central architects of the Secret Service.

PINKERTON’S WAR will read, I promise you, like a page-turning thriller novel, and it’s all true, corroborated by both historic record and Pinkerton’s own accounts from his private files. This is history as heart-pounding Hitchcockian suspense! I will be blogging like crazy about this work – so stay tuned – and keep your eyes on the past!


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