For fans of the New York Times bestselling co-author of THE WALKING DEAD: THE ROAD TO WOODBURY comes a brand new line of Jay Bonansinga e-books from Crossroad Press, a growing force in the field of digital genre fiction:

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BLOOD SAMPLES is the jewel in the crown, a new collection of short horror, fantasy, and suspense representing two decades of Jay’s published work in magazines, literary quarterlies, and anthologies.  Be the first on your block to download an impressive array of short fiction and original novellas by Jay, some of them never-before-published in this country.  The tasty menu of terrifying treats includes, “Stash,” the original story on which Jay’s award-winning indie film is based, a movie which stars the late Marilyn Chambers and comic legend Tim Kazurinsky; “The True Cause of the Great Depression,” an acclaimed and twisted Christmas tale, which, until now, was only available in Germany; “The Butcher’s Kingdom,” an exclusive Allan Pinkerton adventure, which co-stars Edgar Allen Poe and takes off where Jay’s historical book PINKERTON’S WAR ended; and many, many more.  At $3.99 this ebook is a mind-blowing entertainment value.  Go to Crossroad Press to order.

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THE KILLER’S GAME is one of Jay’s most popular action novels, a book long out of print and even longer in development as a major Hollywood movie, with such luminaries as John Woo and Michael Douglas attached to the project over the years.  Leading off a series of exclusive digital releases coming your way in 2013, THE KILLER’S GAME tells the gut-wrenching story of a mob assassin who is diagnosed with terminal leukemia, and decides to go out like a good soldier and put a hit on himself.

THE KILLER’S GAME will be followed by rare and sought-after Bonansinga novels such as BLOODHOUND, HEAD CASE, SICK, THE SLEEP POLICE… and last but not least Jay’s popular first novel, the Stoker-award finalist THE BLACK MARIAH, the adaptation of which has been a long-gestating film project of George “Night of the Living Dead” Romero’s.

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