Who knew…?

Who knew that The Walking Dead – the blockbuster zombie franchise and brand — would lead to the pivotal work of my career? When I first got the gig four years ago – to be the “house novelist” for Mr. Kirkman and his empire – I thought it would be a fun sort of lark, a down-and-dirty novelization job (where you just basically off-load a script into the medium of prose). But after four books, four spots on the NYC Bestseller list, and countless conventions, interviews, and media… the results, as Walter Cronkite used to say, are in! Not only is it the game-changing event in my life as a fiction writer, but it also has inspired me to write some of the most interesting prose of my career.

Now I have signed a new deal with Robert Kirkman to create four new novels set in the Walking Dead universe. The first, “Descent” (Thomas Dunne Books, October, 2014) is a high watermark for me. Robert has handed me the keys to Woodbury and entrusted me to go deep, deep, deep down under the surface of that fabled town. I am so honored and stoked to be creating the stories for this award winning series now. Thanks, Robert. And thanks, Walking Dead-Heads. I can’t wait for you to crack this one open!



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