Being typecast is the greatest thing in the world, if you ask me.  Being cast as anything is a privilege most folks don’t ever get to enjoy.  Lately, I get asked a lot, “Now that you’re known as THE WALKING DEAD novel guy, do you ever miss writing your own original material?”  It’s a legitimate question, but I always just smile and say, “Nope!  Don’t miss it a bit… and will you pass the lobster and caviar, please?”  Okay maybe I exaggerate a little but it’s true.  I love being known as anything.  Okay, scratch that.  I guess I wouldn’t want to be known as ‘That Guy on COPS who got busted in his skivvies yelling at his common law wife outside his trailer home.’  But I’ll confess, it’s delightful to be known as the Zombie Guy.  I love it.  But I will also make another confession.  I never gave up developing my own material.  Like an air traffic controller trying to land too many planes, I have quite a few works in progress.

One of the most exciting is a book called LUCID.  A project that’s been gestating for a few years now, LUCID is my first Young Adult work and tells the story of one Lori Blaine, a very special seventeen-year-old girl with a very special talent.  It starts with a recurring dream that features a mysterious door.  When Lori gets up the nerve to go through that door and see what’s on the other side… well, to paraphrase the old Marquis de Sade… “let the games begin!”

The book has now found a home at a very cool boutique-style publishing house called Permuted Press – a cutting edge horror outfit with designs on conquering the apocalypse – for me, a match made in heaven, or hell, depending upon your proclivity.  As a matter of fact, let me defer to their press release, and please, if you have any interest in my work, check out this book LUCID.  I know everybody says they’re proud when something like this comes out, but I mean it.  I am so proud, and I want as many people to read it as possible.  I’ll be tweeting and twerking and twiddling about it for many months, but here’s an early warning.

Take it away boys:

“Permuted Press has established itself for over a decade as the leading independent publisher of zombie, post-apocalyptic, and survival horror fiction titles.  Since Permuted Press’s acquisition by a privately owned investment firm in the summer of 2013, their releases have increased in frequency and scope.  Permuted Press now publishes a wide variety of genres including Science Fiction, paranormal, fantasy, macabre and traditional horror.

“Permuted Press President Michael L. Wilson stated, “Jay is legendary for his association with the successful series, The Walking Dead. Having the work of such a prestigious name like Mr. Bonansinga among our list of titles is a real thrill for our growing company.”

“Jay Bonansinga is the co-author of the New York Times bestselling Walking Dead series as well as a screenwriter and filmmaker who has been called “one of the most imaginative writers of thrillers” by the Chicago Tribune.  He is an acclaimed Bram Stoker award finalist and his books have been translated into nine different languages and several are in various stages of development as movies.  Jay lives in Evanston, Illinois, and is a visiting professor at both Northwestern and DePaul universities where he teaches screenwriting.

” The deal was put together by MacKenzie Fraser-Bub at Trident Media Group. (Film/TV: Andy Cohen of Grade A Entertainment)

“LUCID will be available at retail in January, 2015.”



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