LUCID, my latest novel, out in trade paperback on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015, is not only a labor of love, it is my first foray into the young adult market.  Although, if pressed, I would not limit the audience of this book to teens.  It’s as scary as anything I’ve written.  The story of a gifted, eccentric 18-year-old who discovers in her recurring dreams a door that leads to another dimension… LUCID is five years in the making.  It is more heavily researched than any other fiction I’ve ever written.  I am obsessed with dreams and dream research, and this book will be an origin story for an epic examination of all the possible permutations dreams can take on.  Check it out at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or indie book stores everywhere, as well as digital formats, available, among other places, in Kindle at Amazon (CLICK on pic to go to order page).



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