SELF STORAGE is my new, original, stand-alone psychological horror novel that begins simply enough – a forty-something bohemian and his six year old son accidentally lock themselves inside a self storage locker – and from there, the tale spirals into a surreal nightmare that is part The Shining, part Naked Lunch, part Lost Weekend, and part photo album of my own life.  The fact that this book is the most personal book I’ve ever written is kind of scary — even to me — as well as the fact that the story takes you to places I thought I would never take a reader.  The February 2016 release marks the inaugural offering of my new creative studio, Magnetik Ink, co-owned and operated by my best buddy and business whiz of a partner, Jeff Siegel.  You can order a signed hardcover or trade paperback of SELF STORAGE at our site: or at



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