oblivionOBLIVION: Special Edition. This riveting supernatural thriller tells the story of a burned out priest who is called on to perform an exorcism at the most famous house in the world. OBLIVION is being developed as part of a big “event” movie-of-the-week called THE DEVIL’S TOUCH on TBS. Jay will receive a credit as Creative Consultant. To find the book click HERE

THE SLEEP POLICE: When police detective Frank Janus falls asleep . . . people die. Either a killer is playing mind games with him—or he’s a killer himself—in this riveting new thriller from an author who “delivers the punch of early Spillane, the pace of The Fugitive, and the body count of a Schwarzeneggar epic.” (Kirkus Reviews)
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HEAD CASE: signed first edition, American hardcover (23.00 plus p&h). John Doe is an amnesiac on the run with a rogue cop on his tail, and a gorgeous PI attempting to sort out his lurid past, and when the puzzle starts coming together, all hell breaks loose.

THE KILLER’S GAME: signed first edition, American release (23.00 plus p&h). Joe Flood is a hit man with a terminal illness who decides to go out with a bang. But when he puts a global hit on himself, the tables are turned in a terrifying and unexpected way. Currently in development as a major motion picture by Intermedia and the producer of CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND!

SICK: signed first edition, American paperback original (5.99 plus p&h). A psychological excursion into blackest horror revolving around a lonely stripper and her journey into self healing. Elements of Lovecraft, James Ellroy, and Ann Rice make this a true original.


A new, original, horrific short story — appearing in the forthcoming SHIVERS 7 — from Cemetery Dance Books.

A mind-bending tale of a disgruntled demon who decides to “flip” and become an informant against the Devil, “Mole” goes into some of the strangest places I’ve ever visited…


A new, original novella — to be published as a stand-alone book by CD Publications — this is an atmospheric, psychedelic trip into a bizarre alternate America.

What if the USA were overrun by rampant, out of control magic? What kind of regulation would we enact? What would the cops be like? THE MINIATURIST poses these questions and answers them in the unlikely form of Lieutenant Eva Strange, a descendant of the Salem Witches and a hard-as-nails detective. Steeped in the spirits of H.P. Lovecraft and Harlan Ellison.