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Deep in the Alaskan wilderness, a mummified body is discovered in the ice, the victim of a bizarre ritualistic killing that happened nearly six thousand years ago. For journalist Maura County, this story is her ticket to the big time — if she can get the help of the FBI’s top criminal profiler.

Special Agent Ulysses Grove is the best of the best — a born manhunter. He’s also a man on the edge, haunted by both personal tragedy and a recent spate of horrific, unsolved homicides. Now, in a remote lab, he’s about to make a shocking discovery. Everything about the prehistoric murderer — signature, M.O., the tiniest of details — matches up to the serial killer who has eluded Grove for months.
As past and present collide, County and Grove are plunged into a nightmare journey that will take them into the darkest reaches of the human heart as they try to stop a cycle of evil as eternal and powerful as time itself…

Pinnacle Books. 
Paperback/August 2005. 
$6.99 ($9.99 Canada), ISBN: 0-7860-1723-6

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“A captivating novel of cold and meticulous suspense.” — Robert W. Walker, author of ABSOLUTE INSTINCT

“Frozen will chill you to the bone!” — J. A. Konrath, author of BLOODY MARY

“A relentless chiller that leaves you guessing and gasping again and again.” — David Morrell

“A thrilling, beautifully paced skyrocket of a novel.” — Peter Straub


In the heart of New Orleans, a serial killer is at work. The victims are offerings, surrounded by objects as mysterious as the French Quarter itself. And every kill coincides with a powerful storm.

For Special Agent Ulysses Grove the case is personal. The latest victim, a respected Tulane professor, was also a dear friend whose death holds startling clues to this madness. As Grove and journalist Maura County pour through cold cases and the dead man’s half-destroyed notes, a terrifying truth begins to unfold: a Mayan expedition gone wrong, an ancient civilization, ritual human sacrifices, and a serial killer who has tapped the secrets of indestructible power.

Now, as storm after storm slams the Gulf Coast, Grove is on the hunt for a twisted psychopath with a deep connection to his own past—one who sees Grove as the ultimate trophy.

Pinnacle Books
. Paperback/July 2006
. $6.99 ($9.99 Canada), ISBN: 0-7860-1724-4

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Phone: 212-407-1573 or 800-221-2647 ext. 573 
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“Thrilling.”—Peter Straub

“Relentless.”—David Morell

“Captivating.”—Robert W. Walker

“TWISTED is a breath-holding, exciting page-turner…a rouser of a novel…as well as a sharp, incisive celebration of everyone’s favorite city, New Orleans…and Ulysses Grove is just the character to lead readers through this twisted landscape.”

– Warren Murphy, two-time Edgar winner and NY Times bestselling author of THE DESTROYER series and THE ASSASSIN’S HANDBOOK.


The third book in the exciting series! FBI profiler Ulysses Grove is this close to trapping a serial killer, but the killer is planning a gruesome surprise that will come far too close to home.

The Mississippi Ripper likes to work in pairs–of victims. For every dead body laid to waste, a second one faces it, a grotesque mirror image of terror. Special Agent Ulysses Grove thinks he knows the method to the killer’s madness. But grasping the twisted logic behind the brutal slayings propels him onto a path of danger–to him and to everything he holds dear.

Pushed to the limit, Grove’s only hope is to dig deep into his own past. But this is one serial killer with powerful resources–and Grove’s worst fears are already one step ahead of him.

BONUS FEATURE! Click here to see the chilling TV commercial written and directed by the author.

Pinnacle Books. 
Paperback/Dec. 2007. 
$6.99 ($9.99 Canada), ISBN: 0-7860-1877-1

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“M. Night Shyamalan, meet Harlan Coben.”—David Ellis



The fourth installment in the Ulysses Grove series of psychological thrillers by Jay Bonansinga — finds the dapper criminologist coming out of semi-retirement to face down his most terrifying adversary yet. After encountering a series of troubling murder scenes — where the MO and pattern are the perfect averages of all serial killings — Grove begins to believe that the killer has stepped into the shoes of the Archetype. The Archetype is a concept that Grove invented himself in his latest forensic textbook, and now it’s coming back to haunt him. Is it a madman copy-catting Grove’s scholarship? Or is it something far stranger, darker and inexplicable? In a headlong plunge into violence and danger, Grove ultimately learns the answer to the deepest mystery of his life.

Pinnacle Books. 
Paperback/Dec. 2008
. $6.99 ($9.99 Canada) 
ISBN: 978-0-7860-1878-9

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“PERFECT VICTIM is everything a forensic thriller should be: powerful, fast-paced and deeply disturbing. And nobody writes a shock ending like Jay Bonansinga. If you haven’t yet caught up with the adventures of FBI profiler Ulysses Grove, now’s the time to jump aboard.”
-Jonathan Maberry, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of “Bad Moon Rising” and “Patient Zero”

“In PERFECT VICTIM Bonansinga’s prowess as a storyteller reaches a new level. This stunning thriller, which includes a light dusting of the paranormal and a touch of history, is unputdownable. Bonansinga’s prose is addictive, the plot roils with suspense and action, and his FBI profiler protagonist, Ulysses Grove, grows more appealing with each novel.”
– Libby Hellmann, Edgar nominated author of “A Shot to Die For”

“Jay Bonansinga’s latest novel to feature Ulysses Grove, PERFECT VICTIM, is a nail-biting cycle into terror and madness. Cross Patricia Cornwell with Stephen King and you’ll get some idea of the what’s in store for you. Here’s a book that’s not for the faint of heart, but for everyone who enjoys a staccato-paced thrill ride into the heart of darkness. It’ll leave you gasping for breath up to the very last page.”
–James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of “The Last Oracle”.

“Eerie and mindbendingly imaginative, PERFECT VICTIM plumbs the depths of evil — and the result is a chilling ride with scares all the way.” — Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author of THE KEEPSAKE

“Sure, PERFECT VICTIM gives us CSI tech and Weird Tales twists at the hyper-pace we’ve come to expect of thrill-master Jay Bonansinga. But there’s something else here-something extraordinary and rare. While Ulysses Grove, Bonansinga’s hero, descends into the Great Dark, he gives us reason to hope that there exists a counterworld of Light. I like this book ever so much and I think those creators of superb moral fiction like Thomas Hardy, Joseph Conrad, and John Gardner would admire it no less.”
– Mort Castle, Editor, DOORWAYS

“Relentless pacing and well-crafted suspense drive the fourth Ulysses Grove thriller…With skill and intelligence, Bonansigna combines intricate mystery, macabre deaths and a horrifying villain with a slight supernatural twist, leading to a heart-stopping climax.” – PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY